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How Can CCTV Systems Be Used in Different Security Roles?

The first thought of the CCTV system security guards is they sit in a room, staring at the screen all day, eat, get tired, and leave for home. Little do they know, this job is highly tech-savvy and demands understanding and skills.

With the increasing crime rate, using CCTV cameras is common in society. CCTV systems are everywhere, from schools to hospitals, and retail stores. 

This guide will highlight how CCTV cameras control criminal activities for different security roles. Also, the benefits you earn with the CCTV system security guards.

·        Behavioral Research:

In the absence of patrol security guards, CCTV cameras help monitor the crowd. The CCTV system security guards monitor the movement of people from the room and take action accordingly.

Per the last survey, 83% of people attempting suicide by throwing themselves in front of the train were saved by CCTV surveillance. In school and college, CCTV recorded footage helps examine behavioral changes in students and point out bullies.

·        Disaster Management:

Some areas are susceptible, even risky for security guards to patrol. In those areas, CCTV Systems help keep the situation under control. The rescue teams monitor the video footage and look for suspicious activities.

Moreover, the latest technology features thermal and new sensors that alert the officials in no time. The alarm system alerts the rescue team on time. The immediate response helps control the situation and minimizes the damage.

·        Detect Crime:

The most common use of CCTV cameras is to detect crimes. Each domain uses CCTV cameras to detect illicit activities, from residential, commercial, and industrial to agricultural.

CCTV systems in the residential domain help residents live a relaxed and comfortable lifestyle. The residents can monitor the footage of their surroundings. With the latest technology, the residents can check who is knocking on the door before opening it. Also, they can set the operational mode for objects and human activities.

In commercial and agricultural industries, when any crime occurs, CCTV footage helps the Law Enforcement team in the investigation and collecting of evidence. They use the video and audio files, coordinate with the security guard CCTV teams, and take legal action accordingly.

Prisons install CCTV cameras in cages to ensure the prisoners are not dealing with and delivering drugs to other prisoners. CCTV cameras are best to monitor those not effortlessly reachable zones.

·        Street and City Monitoring:

Crimes occur anywhere, anytime. The rate of street crimes is growing at an unbeatable rate in the USA. Yearly, around 1,00,000 people face street crimes.

Most criminals hide in dark alleys and wait for the right moment to attack. The installation of a CCTV camera system helps keep an eye on suspicious activities and prevents street crimes.

Even if the crime occurs, the audio and video footage help arrest the criminals and recover the belongings. Besides this, hiring a CCTV security guard can inform the offenders about the consequences of illegal activities.

·        Retail Surveillance:

Besides street and city crimes, retail crimes are also increasing at an unbeatable rate. The marketplace leading retail stores encounter 80-100 shop picking per hour.

The watch guard CCTV team is the best solution to handle the situation. The continuous patrolling guards examine the behavioral activities of the customers. Since they are passed through intensive training, they can effortlessly detect suspicious behavioral changes.

·        Keeping Records & Collecting Evidence:

In the unfortunate time when a crime occurs, having CCTV cameras help collect evidence and make offenders pay for their deeds. CCTV systems feature a recording mode that saves audio and video files for a specific time.

Investigators use the files to collect evidence and arrest criminals under Law Enforcement rules. Besides this, CCTV footage helps record when staff enter and leave, visitors check in and out, and how smoothly everything is running.

Handling the increasing crime rate with the patrolling guards alone is challenging. Hiring professional CCTV system security guards to help to control the situation and to minimize illegal activities. 

You can keep a record of your working staff and everything. The recording will help you examine the situation behind your back. Moreover, 24/7 surveillance offers a stress-free mindset. 


What is the role of a CCTV supervisor?

A CCTV supervisor is responsible for monitoring footage, ensuring cameras are operating, coordinating with the security guards and informing them about the surroundings, and taking prompt action in an emergency.

What are the uses and applications of CCTV?

The everyday use of CCTV is to detect crimes, monitor areas, collect evidence, and keep records. Besides, CCTV can be used to observe behavioral changes and disaster management.

How can CCTV be used as a security measure?

CCTV systems collect images, audio, and video files and transfer them to the monitoring devices. The monitoring team then observes the footage to detect suspicious activities and crimes. 

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