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10 ways Fire watch Security guards always keep you protected
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10 ways Fire watch Security guards always keep you protected.

Fire Watch Security

Prevention is better than Cure

   Fire and danger are synonymous. Flammable or combustible materials and fuel sources are ever present in our business sites and homes. Even a slight oversight can cause catastrophic situations, resulting in the destruction of property, and in a worse-case scenario, loss of life and injuries.

   Fire hazards exist in a threefold category:

  Sources of ignition or heat

  Sources of fuel

  Sources of oxygen

  Sources of ignition or heat are found in smoking materials, portable and fixed heaters, friction, hot surfaces, and many of the same.

  Sources of fuel are almost inexhaustible. Materials like paper, wood, cardboard, metals, chemicals, and liquid solvents, are just some examples.

  Sources of oxygen could be as common in usage, as an air conditioning system, or an open door or window.

 Just a brief look at the sources of a fire can show us the highly devastating nature of this element. Daily usage of these items put commercial and residential locations at risk. Knowledge and utilization of estimable Fire Watch companies is the only way to safeguard your home and office.

Tru Security Fire Watch security guards have licensed trained guards that are committed to protecting loyally and responding immediately in an emergency situation.

 There are 10 main ways that the fire guards protect your organization or company.

1- Identify Fire Hazards

  Tru Security Fire Watch security guards, armed and unarmed security guards have dual duties, they aren’t only committed to protecting your premises, but are also devoted to your safety. By proactively identifying and making secure all materials that are a risk of causing conflagrations they enforce life-saving conditions.

2- Checking Equipment

  Our conscientious guards follow their duties beyond the call of duty. The properties and lives of our clients are secured by the meticulous inspection and evaluation of all fire safety equipment by our professional, highly trained personnel. They ensure that even when not in use, all equipment is fully functional and ready to be of use at a moment’s notice.

3- Patrol

  I know that I would be complacent and satisfied if I knew that armed and unarmed security guard near me were vigilant on my behalf. Let Tru Security provide you with competent and dependable guards, who fulfill your specific requirements. Our fire guards, armed and unarmed guards diligently patrol your perimeters with zest, using innovative technologies for reconnaissance and surveillance. This enables them to respond immediately and liaison with emergency services, without loss of time.

4- Maintaining Logs

  A correct security partner, like Tru Security, knows that making parameters, and keeping logs of all activities, findings, or any other data relating to fire safety is vital to the future security of a business or organization. We constantly upgrade fire logs to ensure top-notch security and safety.

5- Evacuation

  Our guard sattend all mandated training. Apart from this all our Fire Watch guards, armed and unarmed guards are given specialized discipline to be protocol compliant in case of a fire emergency. They not only instantly alert fire emergency services, but are boldly and daringly willing to jump into the inferno and participate in rescue and evacuation measures.

6- Securing Exits

   In the resulting chaos of a blaze, fire exits, doors, and hallways may become inundated with people trying to escape the building, which could lead to mass injuries or even fatalities. Hiring guards from a leading security company like us guarantees licensed and trained professionals. Through monitoring multiple areas vigilantly, our security guards assure that all fire exits and other doors and hallways remain clear.

7- Construction Sites

Construction sites are liable to fire danger even when not actively in use. A 24-hour, 7-day-a-week patrol security guards services can make certain that hazardous substances are stored safely.

8- Emergency Plan

  Tru Security closely collaborates with clients to supply customized and comprehensive emergency plans, with key indicators of escape plans, correct equipment usage and so on. So, steps are taken immediately in crisis situations.

9- Fire Risk Assessment

Sources of ignition, fuel, and oxygen may not be stored properly. Spillages and accumulation of debris can fuel the risk of fast-spreading conflagrations. Our Fire Watch Security Guard are trained to guide you about fire hazards in the workplace. Regular checks on all fire safety equipment to help you meet government legislation.

10- Proper storage and disposal

  Tru Security Services provide fire watch, armed, and Unarmed Security Guards that are well able to handle high-risk and high-security assignments. They help identify potential sources of fire hazards and take steps to either dispose properly or store them securely in off-site facilities.

  Don’t delay! Contact Tru Security for a customized security solution that is tailor-made to your specific requirements.

Top 10 Best Security Guard Services in Sacramento
Security Guard

Top 10 Best Security Guard Services in Sacramento

With the rise in harassment, mass shootings, and pocket-picking, life in Sacramento is as unsafe as in other cities. However, hiring the best security guard services Orange county helps secure your business, property, and people.

En route to hiring the best security company in Sacramento, you will come across multiple choices. This guide highlights the top options to consider while hiring the best option.

TruGuard Private Security:

Not only Sacramento but TruGuard Private Security Company is also California’s leading security company. Rely on TruGuard Private Security Company for the industry’s best security guard services in Orange County. The team is on a mission to meet clients’ satisfaction.

Since 2010, TruGuard Private Security has been leading the security industry as one of the best service providers in California. The team offers specialized services all over California to help protect properties, people, and assets. 

OnGuard Security Services:

OnGuard Security Services company benefits clients with pride and ensures to fulfill their needs. The company has served in California for over a decade and has a 5-star rated profile with 1000+ positive reviews.

The company undergoes its guards’ extensive training to ensure they deliver quality services and win clients’ hearts. The best part about this company is it offers specialized customized services with quality assurance.

Off-Duty Officers:

Whether you need security services for your home or construction site, Off Duty security services are there 24/7. From retail, event, firearm, and construction site, armed to unarmed, this security company has a team that meets everyone’s needs.

The plus point of hiring this company is the flexibility to customize the contracts. You can have short or long-term contracts, depending on your business needs. The security team has a valid license and proper training under professional trainers.

American Global Security:

With the increasing scam crime rate in Sacramento, trust American Global Security Company for your security needs. The professional team at this company protects your assets, property, and people with their top-notch services, with affordable pricing as the cherry on top.

American Global Security Company is a top choice in Sacramento because of its reliable and professional services with advanced training. Your business and its workers will experience a protective and positive environment. 

Pal American Security:

For professional Sacramento security guards at affordable rates, opt for Pal American Security Company. Besides primary guarding services, Pal American Security offers advanced patrolling and surveillance services. Instead of traveling to their office, you can visit the site to discuss your needs.

The expert team understands the uniqueness of each client. For 24/7 and upfront security services, each officer and guard undergoes exclusive training for hands-on experience with advanced technologies and firearms. 

Allied Universal:

Allied Universal is one of the longest-running security companies in Sacramento. Being in the business since 1957, the security guard company Riverside has satisfied dozens of clients by keeping them safe. The vision of this security company is to be your most trusted safety partner.

Another best point of Allied Universal Security Company is the open hiring. Allied Universal is always in search of talents who are committed to making society secure.

ABC Security Services:

With a motto to serve the nation, ABC Security Services has been securing Sacramento for over 50 years. With this vast experience, ABC Security Services has benefited over 100 businesses. 

Combining responsiveness and competitive pricing, ABC Security Services Company lets your business achieve a friendly environment. ABC Security Services company has a 10-to-win service program where they exclusively train guards.

Allied Universal:

For unparalleled security services and an ultimate security solution, choose Allied Universal. This security team cares about your business and provides you with the best services within your tight budget range.

Allied Universal is the world’s largest armed security guard provider with the assurance of quality performance. Since 1957 the company has been following the same motto; to keep businesses and people safe so all can thrive together.

Hylton Security:

Born as a private security company in 2006, the company has the vision to fulfill the security needs of Sacramento. With almost 17 years of experience, Hylton Security has more than 100 professionally trained officers and security guards San Diego.

The plus point about hiring Hylton Security Company is the hands-on experience in every industry. Currently, the company is expanding services throughout Central Valley and Northern California.

The Guard Alliance:

The last on the list we have is The Guard Alliance Security Company. The company offers unmatched professional services, including fire watch, unarmed, armed, and patrol.

The selection of the guards is through a tight selection process that includes multiple background checks, interviews, and drug tests. Trust The Guard Alliance Security Company for high-level operative services.

The options mentioned above offer 24/7 security services in Sacramento and all-over California. You can book a 1:1 consultant session to discuss your needs with the security team. Moreover, ensure to consider your budget range. 

How often should a security officer do patrols?
Security Guard

How often should a security officer do patrols?

Whether mobile or foot, patrol is a vital part of security services. Mobile patrol services in Los Angeles patrol every corner of the property to ensure they leave no place behind that lets offenders invade the premises and assets.

On-site patrolling offers numerous benefits, including deterring crime rates, keeping offenders away, securing valuable assets, and providing round-the-clock services during security outbreaks. Your job doesn’t end simply after hiring the security crew. Being an investor, you should pay attention to how frequently they patrol the premises.

Before highlighting the recommended frequency, the armed security San Jose should follow, let’s find out the purpose of security patrolling.

The Purpose of Security Patrolling

Whether you call security patrolling the practice of keeping offenders away or securing the property, the chief purpose is to keep the premise under security control.

Patrolling preparation begins with understanding the purpose of patrolling and site requirements. For example;

  • Is the security guard expected to keep offenders away?
  • Should the security guards assist customers who appear confused?
  • Are they supposed to watch the surroundings while maintaining the record closely?
  • Should the guards check the boilers, containers, and other equipment to ensure 100% functionality?
  • Should the security guards respond to emergencies like fire outbreaks and mass shootings?

The purpose of patrolling changes from one person to person even after every shift. For instance, the first shift security guard might ask to keep a close watch on the surroundings, while the second shift is to maintain the machinery and functionality of the tools.

En route to hiring patrol security guards, you should be sure about the needs of your property/business. Is your business facing a privacy invasion? Do the customers need 1:1 assistance? Do the tools need maintenance? You will succeed in hiring a professional once you are sure about your needs.

How Frequently Should The Guards Patrol?

The frequency of patrolling depends on various factors, including the property size, patrol requirement, type of patrol, and more. The main consideration is the geographical location and location requirement.

In this section, we have summarized the recommended frequency of security patrolling.

Mode of Patrol:

Most of the mobile patrol services Los Angeles patrol on foot, while others use watchtowers, CCTV surveillance cameras, or vehicles. Certain types of patrols take time compared to others.

For instance, it will take 1 hour to patrol a large property on foot, while 15-20 on a vehicle or tower. On foot, the security guard should perform a patrol after every 30 minutes. On the other hand, security guards using watchtowers, CCTV surveillance, or vehicles should conduct several patrols daily.

Type of Patrol:

Another consideration factor is the type of patrol. In a nutshell, the more detailed the patrol, the lengthier it will take. Suppose the security guard has to check the functionality of machinery and tools, with each round taking 2-3 hours. In this case, 2-3 patrols during one shift are enough.

On the other hand, the other security patrol guards assigned to keep a close watch on the surrounding should patrol after every 1 hour. It will help ensure the privacy invaders are away and the property is secure.

High-Risk Areas:

If your business is in a low-risk area with a fully staffed front office, the security guards San Diego might not need to pass through every hour. In contrast, the security guards might need to patrol every hour if the business is in a high-risk area with multiple access points, unattended doors, and stairwells that attract offenders.

The riskier the location, the more frequent should be the security patrolling. Buildings with numerous access points and large feet are termed Soft Targets in terms of security. If your property has multiple access points, ask the security guards to patrol every hour.

Know the Common Times for Typical Patrols:

Most business owners expect the apartment security services In California to patrol the premises every hour, and they should. Patrolling the premises every hour helps identify and address weak points and prevents the offenders from invading the property.

During rush hours, the guards should patrol the premises in groups. It helps ensure no weak point is left behind that can worsen the situation.

Hiring mobile patrol services Los Angeles adds a layer of protection for your business. Besides 100% protection and crime prevention, your heart stays at peace knowing you are protected. To sum up, every security guard should patrol the premises every 1 or 2 hours. However, he should patrol every hour if the business is in a high-risk area.

The best benefit of every-hour patrolling is crime prevention. Offenders never get a chance to invade the property since the guards are around the property every hour. Besides, they keep a close watch on the weak points to prevent security breaches.

Best Security Guards Services In San Francisco
Security Guard

Best Security Guards Services In San Francisco

Using security guard services in San Francisco may significantly benefit your company’s reputation and bottom line. Your business’s facilities, staff, and customers are secured by well-trained security personnel outfitted with the appropriate security measures, providing unrivaled and enduring peace of mind.

Security services San Francisco offer both short-term and long-term peace of mind. One of the main advantages of hiring security guard services is providing a sense of security, whether for your defense or the safety of your household, possessions, business, or staff members. Security professionals provide a sense of safety by offering a robust skill set in difficult and dangerous situations.

Why Do We Need Security Guard Services in San Francisco?

Businesses nowadays confront issues related to their workforce, working with customers and vendors, marketing, and safeguarding their resources and employees. You must be prepared to handle whatever the corporate world may throw at you, from minor thefts to actual threats. Although using the security service San Francisco might have never occurred to you, certain events could.

Here are the top 5 reasons you need to hire security guards in San Francisco for your business.

1) Reduce crime

Security guards provide a visual and physical barrier to crime. Even one cop will significantly lower crime rates and lessen the probability of an attacker hurting someone. Security guards San Francisco can immediately identify and stop troublemakers if they catch them on your premises. Additionally, they have access to cutting-edge tools and surveillance equipment for careful monitoring and inspections, which not only aid in detecting potential crimes but also assist them in preventing them. Additionally, continuous observation enables them to remain vigilant and give heed to anything odd or suspicious.

2) Offer a prompt response time

Security responds immediately; in the case of incident response, every second matters. The threat must be identified and addressed as soon as feasible. Security is essential to take charge of a crisis while waiting for the arrival of the authorities or emergency medical care. In response to the intensity and urgency of the issue, each well-trained security guard San Francisco makes prompt evaluations and takes appropriate action. They guarantee to establish enough control of a problem until help arrives from the police or emergency medical services. Their ability to react quickly enables them to take the necessary precautions to defend persons and property.

3) Add an impression of increased awareness

By encouraging individuals to be alert to any unexpected activity or behavior of those around them, hiring security personnel for your workplaces and homes helps to promote situational awareness and a proactive culture in your surroundings. Security professionals are purposefully there and ready to take immediate action in various conceivable circumstances. Security services San Francisco offer comfort and peace of mind, from preventing hostile assaults to deescalating tense situations. People frequently get comfortable without protection and fail to notice odd behavior from nearby employees, customers, and other citizens. Security directs a constructive and constructive culture since awareness is a continuous process, and people desire to behave morally.

4) Enhance your client service

Customer service and security officer work often go hand in hand. It is always about the client regarding safeguarding assets or people. As part of their duty to protect clients, you frequently find yourself chatting with them to find out how they’re doing and how you might assist. Consequently, security guards San Francisco frequently develop a rapport with consumers, introducing them to the company and giving them their first impression. Although protecting customers’ and clients’ lives and property is undoubtedly their primary responsibility, security guards also serve as a hub for consumer communication and interaction.

5) Encourage the notion of order

Controlling infractions, upholding workplace discipline, and assuring that policies and procedures are fulfilled are all vital functions of security. They have the authority to impose sanctions on offenders and unruly people. They keep discipline in huge gatherings and reduce the possibility of riots, mob fighting, or any disorderly behavior.

Security services San Francisco can facilitate the organization and management of circumstances like big crowds at events, employee dismissals or foster a general atmosphere of safety and discipline in commercial facilities. The presence of security makes the people feel safer, and they follow their instructions.

One of the most prominent security guard services in San Francisco is TruGuard Security, which offers security solutions to local businesses and residents. Organizations in San Francisco have put their faith in us to manage their most critical security requirements by giving them the best security services and guards on the market right now. Our officers at our San Francisco security guard firms can help you handle a range of security concerns and provide tailored security solutions for your particular needs.

Best Security Guard Companies in Los Angeles
Security Guard

Best Security Guard Companies in Los Angeles

The decision to hire a security guard in Los Angeles is a wise one that comes with many advantages. These experts are qualified to provide you with the most outstanding security.

Security Guards Services in Los Angles can serve a variety of roles at local events, places of commerce, and even for private individuals. Here are a few prime reasons and companies for hiring security guards in Los Angeles.

1.      Lower Crime Rates

Hiring security guards has some advantages, one of which is reducing crime. You have more security, and crooks have a more challenging time getting in when security guards are on duty.

2.      Enhance Customer Support

The fact that security guards enhance customer service for your company is a benefit that should be addressed. These security officers can lead consumers to the parking lot or give them more specific directions when it’s dark.

3.      React Quickly to Security Issues

Security personnel is constantly on duty and ready to respond quickly to emergencies. Knowing that security guards are just a phone call away from giving you immediate service will provide you with peace of mind.

Always choose a trusted security firm that is financially stable and has a wealth of experience. The Los Angles Security Guards Companies should have the following qualities, among others:

  • A company with qualified and certified officers is good. They must also take frequent training and refresher courses and possess respectable credentials.
  • They should have the knowledge and abilities required for the position, including training with weapons, crowd management, and an understanding of electronic security tools like CCTV, alarm systems, etc.
  • Additionally, the security company should provide electronic security services like CCTV, access control, alarm systems, etc.
  • Check to see if the business offers the services you need.
  • A good security company will also have a proper license and insurance.

When looking for the best security company, be ready with the type of security requirements, the number of officers you need, and any other unique requirements.

Top Security Guard Businesses

The Best Security Company Los Angeles is Citiguard, which has more than 50 years of expertise and is also one of the most seasoned.

They have a skilled staff of security officers and provide a wide range of security guard services throughout California.

They provide services for some cities, including Sacramento, Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, and Santa Barbara. They provide onsite security, vehicle patrols, executive protection, security education, particular event security, and technological security like CCTV and security alarms.

 United Guard Services

United Guard Services is a reputable security company that provides excellent security services. They offer specialized training as well as services that are tailored to your needs. Accountability and customer service are two other essential characteristics of United Guard Security.

 Guard Security Services

One of the most outstanding security services that provide both short- and long-term security is Onguard Security Services.

They are technologically skilled and employ technology to protect you. The guards may be tracked via a specialized mobile app, among other things. They offer armed services, fire watch, golf cart patrol, vehicle patrol, and other services.

Galaxy Security

They have professional guards that can be easily identified by their badge so that business owners, homeowners, and shop owners can feel secure.

This security company’s major attributes include supervisor patrols, hourly digital DETEX, Live GPS 24/7, and more.

Southwest Patrol

With more than 25 years of experience, this company is among California’s top security providers. They provide various services, such as traffic control, motorcade escorting, executive protection, security guards, and bodyguards.

They provide a wide range of services in many locations, including Los Angeles, Torrance, Orange, and Oakland. They are a reputable law company with strong ties to the neighborhood’s law enforcement.

California Panther Security

This company provides services to numerous sectors in various locations with fully qualified security personnel.

They have a wealth of expertise in healthcare facilities, educational institutions, transportation hubs, and governmental organizations.

They offer services for commercial real estate, industrial facilities, financial institutions, security for special events, and more.

Elevated Protective Services

One of Los Angeles’ best-rated and most highly advised security companies is Eagle Eye Protecting Inc. They provide services at a fair price and have outstanding communication. Their security services are available in various locations, including workplaces, banks, clubs, hospitals, and construction sites.

America One Security

This Southern California security company has a reputation for carrying out its plans perfectly. They are renowned for their unwavering commitment to transparency, excellent communication skills, and high caliber of service.

They provide various services, including setting up protection in malls, high-rise structures, office buildings, and corporate campuses.


Final Thought

There are a lot of reliable and Top Security Companies Los Angeles that offer security guard services. To keep homes and businesses safe, they are essential. Employing a reputable security company is crucial for protecting the interests of both commercial and residential establishments.

 To increase customer confidence and employee productivity, businesses may secure the protection of their assets and the safety of their staff. Investigating potential security providers is one of the most incredible ways to find one.

Best Security Guard Service in Riverside
Security Guard

Best Security Guard Service in Riverside

It is easy to get security guard services in Riverside because the city has over two million people. The greatest security guard services are acquired from any of the many reliable security guard firms in Riverside.

To choose the best Security Guard Companies in Riverside for your needs, you will need to research as each company has different qualifications and skills.

How Do Security Guard Services Work?

Security guard services offer a reliable bodyguard service for corporations, organizations, and people. Security guard services are an excellent way to safeguard your valuables and shield your staff from potential dangers.

Service providers frequently have extensive experience in law enforcement or the military, making them the ideal choice for protecting valuable targets or essential assets. Security personnel can also aid in crime prevention by keeping a close eye on potential hot spots for theft or damage.

Without security, you must always be on guard against outside threats and physical danger. A reliable security guard company in Riverside will not only guarantee the protection of your residential or business property.

Still, it will also assist you in identifying potential dangers so you can take the appropriate precautions. Likely criminal behavior on your property can be discouraged by the simple physical presence of a well-groomed and prepared security guard. Security officers are educated in various crime prevention strategies to keep potential intruders and other criminals from your property.

1.      Guard Security

The best security guard company in Riverside, California, is called Onguard Security. They are known for providing reliable and responsive service. They have a long history in law enforcement and are skilled in offering security services to homes and businesses.

Security Guard Services Riverside based are available from Onguard Security, including on-site security monitoring, 24/7 patrols, and customer support. Their skilled police officers are prepared to manage any circumstance that may happen.

Onguard Security is the ideal option whether you require protection for your company or want someone to watch over your home while you’re gone.

2.       United Guard Services

The United Guard Services Company, with headquarters in Riverside, California, is a well-known provider of security services to organizations and businesses. They provide a wide range of services, such as armed security, asset protection, and round-the-clock patrols.

The business has a long history of giving its customers high-quality service. They are renowned for their commitment to ensuring client satisfaction and their capacity to act swiftly in any emergency circumstance.

3.      Allied Global Security

Allied Global Security Company’s main office in Riverside, California, focuses on risk management, employee safety, and investigative services. The business has over 100 employees and provides security services, including threat assessments, safety audits, and crime prevention initiatives. Businesses around the United States can also get consultancy services from Allied Global Security.

4.       Good Guard Security

Good Guard Security is a reliable and trustworthy security firm in Riverside, California. They have a group of experienced, expert security officers trained and prepared to tackle any emergency.

They offer numerous security services, such as residential security, event security, and property protection. Security Guards Services in Riverside County are ideal if you’re searching for a dependable and trustworthy security provider.

5.      Superior Protection Services

Are you looking for the best security company? Superior Protection Services is the only company you need! Their business provides various security services that will undoubtedly meet your needs.

They have you covered with everything from surveillance to 24-hour guard coverage.

They also provide add-on options to ensure that your property is always secure. Get in touch with them immediately to find out more about their offerings and how they can help you.

6.       Armstrong Guard Services

A security business called Armstrong Guard Services was established in Riverside, California, providing various services to its customers. Two brothers who saw a need for high-quality security services in the region launched the business in 2007.

Many local businesses and organizations use the services of Armstrong Guard Services, which has quickly grown into one of Riverside, California,’s most reputable security firms. Your business or property will be protected around the clock by the company’s staff of skilled security specialists.

7.      Brinks

You must have at least a year of armed guard experience, military training, or prior experience in a protective service to be eligible to work with Brinks. Most jobs with this organization are armed, and applicants must be licensed accordingly.

The environment of Brinks is something it takes great pleasure in, and it pays its staff well and provides training.

8.      Epic Security

With over 40 years in the industry and a position in the center of New York, Epic Security provides its staff with both class and on-the-job training.

They provide security protection for various establishments, including gated communities, schools, churches, retail stores, and construction sites.


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our list of Riverside, California’s top 8 security guard companies. We understand that there are various factors to consider when selecting a Security Guard Company Riverside, and we hope this list will enable you to reduce the number of options and locate the ideal match for your requirements.

Event Security Guard Services in California
Security Guard

Event Security Guard Services in California

The Need for Event Security Services

  Safety of ourselves is paramount, but that takes on a whole new meaning when the security of not just one person, but of many more is involved. In the case of an event being held, personal safety is just one aspect. There are many other countless factors that you need to take into account. Organizing any event is not an easy job. Preparing, planning, and managing an event, and then making sure that nothing untoward happens throughout the whole thing is a big enough headache. Also making sure that everyone, who is a part of that event is safe, is surely too difficult for non-security personnel to handle. Hire security guards for the event is the only viable option. The safety of your guests and the venue is dependent on how secure the whole event is.

  Hiring security for events from TruGuard Security guarantees that you are offered specialized security services. Our company has been at the top of the list, in this field since 2010. You will know that your event and all the people participating in it are secure in the hands of the highest quality individuals, that have been rigorously trained, for just these sorts of situations.

  Sometimes, events are held at short notice, and the hiring of a security firm is left for the last moment. We are available with amazing service at any time, however short the notice is. Serving our customers with efficiency and with quality care is our watchword.

The Need for Security Services

  The backbone of any community living is safety or security. Without feeling secure in our environments, we humans would have a hard time maximizing our potential to its uppermost limit. We want to feel protected and secure at all times in our lives. Sadly, we are sorely challenged in this aspect in today’s world. Each day we are faced with a rapidly deteriorating situation. The trust we should have in institutions, erected to safeguard us, is diminishing.

Looking for alternative options to help us gain trust in secure living, we employ security guards. Knowing professional,

trained, agile personnel are vigilant on our behalf, gives us a sense of security. Peace of mind to relax, and know that we are free from care from one big worry.

The Need for people to feel Safe

  First and foremost, the most important aspect of any event is the care, and protection of human life. Making your attendees feel valued and at ease should be your main concern. People should be able to enjoy any entertainment with comfort and peace of mind. The knowledge that highly trained and skillful guards are there for protection instantly puts people at rest.

Need for Crowd Control

  Events held at a large scale, or even a small one can quickly spiral out of control. It’s difficult to control the entry of unauthorized and unwanted people from entering the venue. Professional security guards in uniforms are an effective deterrent. Risk management is much easier to handle when the crowd is controlled ably. Honestly, a uniformed guard, politely and respectfully taking care of a crowd, inspires trust. A person naturally turns to a security guard, rather than a person dressed in civilian clothes for their safety.

Need for Crime Control

    When in a company with a large group of people, one cannot be constantly on the lookout for any crime perpetrated on their person or their valuables. Hiring security guards for your events from TruGuard Security is a good decision. Security guards who are specifically trained for these situations can easily control crime at events. They are prepared to deal with any suspicious activity with great speed and greater efficiency.

  Another area where an expert is needed is the parking. A person cannot go and check on their car repeatedly. Feeling your assets are secure, you can fully enjoy yourself without any niggles of worry.

Need for Risk Control

  It is critical to hire a professional and qualified security provider like us. We make highly detailed security assessments during the planning stage of any event. Analyzing the event for any vulnerabilities helps in addressing issues beforehand. This, in turn, ensures a seamless strategy to make the event crisis-free. Our innovative and avant-garde technology keeps our guards interconnected on the field. In case of any emergency or a crisis, they will immediately take steps to lessen the impact on the attendees. They will also instantly alert law enforcement agencies.

  So, when planning any event, be sure to have security services from TruGuard. Our mission is to provide 100% efficiency 24 hours a day,  seven days a week. We promise to exceed your expectations with our high standards and our trustworthy and qualified guards.


Choosing the best Mobile Patrol Security Service 
Security Guard

Choosing the best Mobile Patrol Security Service 

Choosing a patrol security guard service is very difficult these days. There are many problems facing us, in terms of security. From fears for personal security, property damage, and theft, we are facing the dangers of active shooters, school shootings, and social unrest. So, when looking out for any guard/ patrol security services from the many options available, there are some basic things to consider. It isn’t easy to know whom to trust these days, especially where safety is concerned. Many mobile patrol security services aren’t professional or experienced. There is also a concern about their credibility or standing in the market. Price, of course, is always another very big factor to think about. TruGuard is the leading security company of California. Their mission is to provide their customers with total satisfaction. Be it mobile patrol services or security guard services, they provide the best trained, most experienced security professionals. 

Things to consider when making your choice of a company


 The first thing to look for in a security guard mobile patrol service before hiring one is how trustworthy they are. TruGuard Security Services provide you with trained law enforcement and ex-military personnel only. Their security professionals are subject to 24 hours field supervision. They are given regular training and their backgrounds and criminal records are checked frequently. Most importantly, they have the utmost desire to give excellent customer service. TruGuard is fully licensed, bonded, and insured making them the most recognized and well-known security service in California. Their security guards are the highest quality individuals with the best instincts for the job. These many reasons make them 100% trustable. 


TruGuard supplies many different kinds of services. Armed and unarmed guards, mobile patrol services, permanent and temporary assignments, multiple uniform options, and TruTac software for all tracking and reporting. The rates are set according to the services that are provided but, as it is the best professional security guard service you will ever require, the prices are nothing to complain about. Guards are available on sight within an hour. There are also 24-hour managers available for your account and the dispatched team is available to go to any location throughout the day and night. Our field managers are always very vigilant and keep track of all security services. Getting these excellent services at this price range is all any business or individual can require.


It’s better to be prepared than regret being unprepared when disaster strikes. At TruGuard they are willing to provide security guard mobile patrol services at very short notice. There will be no complaints and their security guards will start doing a great job from the first day. Guards who are honest in their work and to you are available at any given time of the day. TruGuards dispatch services are excellent responders in an emergency. Competent, educated, and courteous assistance from the nation’s leading security guard services company are just a call away. Your community’s assets, staff, family, employees, and more are always the most important to this company. 


TruGuards officers go through rigorous training that prepares them for real-life situations at their clients’ posts so it is essential to hire only the top most qualified individuals with experience either in law enforcement or the military. These guards have the best instincts for any job and by training them, this company sharpens and also refines these attributes. As this is a local company their professionals are experienced in a variety of industries around you which makes them flexible and adaptable. This provides you with a customized security plan that is the most suited to you. In a society where danger is escalating at an alarming rate, this company provides individuals that are equipped with the skills and expertise to deal with these dangers efficiently. 


TruGuard Security provides mobile patrol services and security guard services all over the state of California. It is a fully licensed and insured security service company that provides you with both armed and unarmed services. Be it long or short-term assignments or even large or small events, the company will supply able-minded and able-bodied personnel around the clock. With a policy of mind-blowing professionalism, there will be no complaints about providing services at short notice. TruGuard Security Services always has the customer’s interest in mind. This company invests much in technology which makes it very innovative and highly advanced. The clients’ expectations are well met by the implementation of these technologies. The company’s security tracking systems are one of the finest and most advanced in the industry. When a company or event contacts them, they always ensure that the most amazing solutions are made available to their clients.

Party or Special Event Security Services
Security Guard

Party or Special Event Security Services

Love throwing parties with your friends? Or do public gatherings with many people, like weddings, birthdays, fashion displays, and others, fascinate you with their appeal? Sharing enjoyable and joyful events with zeal and energy is in our nature.

With the help of Guard Security Services, you can ensure the safety and security of your gatherings and keep them free from dangers like fire, theft, and poor crowd control.

1.      Checking Of Attendees

Security officers are trained to spot any suspicious items, including firearms, knives, alcohol, or other weapons, and they set up metal detectors and scanning booths. To maintain the party’s security and flow, toxic attendees are screened out and not given entry. Political addresses and fashion displays need stricter security screening because anyone could be there.

2.      Crowd Management

Large crowds, especially at athletic events and concerts, can quickly devolve into disorderly situations that endanger people and property. Event security personnel receive specialized instruction in crowd management strategies.

These methods include but are not limited to seeing possible trouble spots, anticipating an event, and applying de-escalation strategies to diffuse a conflict before it escalates. Even having security officers patrol the area and the audience helps to maintain order and peace.

3.       The Correct Type Of Security

What particular gathering or celebration have you planned? You must be aware of the same category for the security of your event. If it’s everyone you know, you’ll need the security of managing them well, but if it’s a corporate function, management also includes safety. Choose the most competent and strict management.

4.      Event Security Matters

The more attendees there are, the more security staff are required to control the crowd and advance the event successfully. Numbers play a crucial role in event security and Event Security Sacramento advises one guard for every 15 attendees to ensure a sound and robust level of protection.

5.       Escort the way

Some attendees with children or elderly guests might not feel comfortable staying for an event that ends at midnight; thus, security officers at events must escort them.

For the comfort of your guests, hiring an event security firm is the ideal solution for guiding and providing for their needs. Guards direct people to parking or provide valet services to ensure a stress-free event conclusion.

6.       Emergency Response

Having on-site staff who are trained in emergency response procedures can save lives if the unexpected occurs at your event, whether a fire, bomb threat, medical issue, or shooter.

Event security personnel can take action swiftly, using crowd management strategies to stop a stampede for the exits, assisting guests in a speedy and orderly evacuation, delivering first aid, and instantly alerting police and fire department first responders.

Event Security Orange County company is also trained to examine the building continuously and to head off emergencies before they occur.

7.      VIP Security

The personal safety of those attending events with politicians or celebrities is crucial. Even if these individuals have their security officers, an additional layer of security is always welcome. When you invite well-known people to upcoming events, it will improve your reputation and build trust.

8.       Manage Media Access

You must expect that the media will be present to cover your event if VIPs and celebrities are scheduled to attend.

If you want media coverage, you’ll probably want to control who gets in and who doesn’t; conversely, if you don’t want the media to cover a private event, you’ll want to keep all the reporters out.

As the media has proven, they are highly skilled at getting access to locations where they are not desired, so this may be more difficult than it seems. The answer is to hire qualified event security officers.

They will maintain a close watch on the media, identifying and allowing only authorized media representatives while barring all others. They will ensure that only the journalists you want to be there will be permitted entry by searching the area for potential unapproved access points.

9.      Reduce The Fuss  

Security guards must act quickly in extreme events such as violence, shootings, or crowd disturbances for any reason. Staff members of the event security company are well-trained to handle the unrest in a praiseworthy manner to reduce casualties, injuries, and troubles.

Using surveillance footage and eyewitness accounts, Guard Security Company assists in investigating the occurrences.

10. Crime Detection

Security officers are trained to spot criminal activity and the potential for corruption. Significant events often include:

  • Expensive audio and visual equipment.
  • Other precious goods.
  • People typically bring significant cash and wear expensive jewelry at the event.
  • All of them are good targets for opportunistic criminals.
  • Event security personnel are skilled at identifying people and actions that are questionable.
  • Criminals are typically discouraged from acting simply by the presence of security professionals patrolling the area and by their prominent company in the crowd.


With over 250 clients across all types of companies and industries, Event Security Sacramento has over 30 years of experience. Their professional workforce has a wealth of expertise, and all staff members are expected to participate in internal training to keep their skills up to the highest industry standards.

Armed vs. Unarmed Security Guard, What's The Difference?
Security Guard

Armed vs. Unarmed Security Guard, What’s The Difference?

The last thing a company owner wants is criminality to obstruct their success. A workable strategy ensuring the safety of you, your team, and your clients is crucial. It would help if you had a custom solution to reduce crime in your office, whether that involves network access, monitoring, de-escalation, or illegal access detection.

Since safety concerns are on so many people’s minds, it’s crucial to comprehend how to effectively defend your company and your clients using various security guards. When hiring a guard, many additional factors exist, including the distinctions between armed and unarmed security guards

What is The Difference Between Armed and Unarmed Security Guards?

You may employ security guards if you need confidence and added protection for your family, company, or yourself. Both armed and unarmed security guards may provide protective services, but which is best for your needs? Before making a choice, you should consider the differences between armed and unarmed security guards.

Armed security guards include one or more qualified guards who have undergone safe firearm handling and carrying training. They provide defense and protection tailored to your needs and can employ lethal force when necessary. Businesses with precious goods and services include banks and jewelry shops. Customers of a company feel secure and at ease thanks to armed guards. However, it might cause anxiety if individuals think they are there needlessly. These scenarios fit an unarmed guard better.

The responsibilities of an unarmed security guard are less demanding than those of an armed guard, and they do not carry a weapon. They frequently have tasers, pepper spray, or batons—non-lethal weapons.

While having no security at all would also be unsettling, unarmed guards are preferable for situations where having an armed guard would be. In some instances, their mere existence will typically serve as a deterrent to criminality. Unarmed guards can do multiple tasks in addition to keeping people safe, like escorting people to their vehicles after dark, giving instructions, keeping people out of prohibited areas, or working at a front desk.

What To Consider Before Choosing The Right Type of Security Guards?

Numerous elements exist when deciding whether to hire armed or unarmed security guards. In the end, all of these aspects depend on your organization.

1) How Dangerous Is Your Company?

Employing an armed security guard instead of an unarmed guard may or may not be necessary, depending on certain features of your organization. Here are a few things to think about:

  • Do you have any high-end products or other pricey assets in your company?
  • Is your company located in a neighborhood with a lot of crime?
  • Is your company located in an area with a significant amount of crime?

Hiring an armed security guard may be the best option for protecting your staff and consumers if your business has any of these issues. A non-armed security guard could be a better choice for you if these factors are only sometimes accurate.

2) What Kind of Company Do You Run?

There are many different situations when firms recruit security guards. Security officers are typically present in places like hospitals and retail establishments. In 2017, firms filled over 1 million security posts in the United States, and 55,000 more are likely to be created over the following years.

Since having this kind of security is so prevalent, you probably won’t have to worry about if employing a security guard would make your customers uncomfortable. Instead, the issue is whether the guard must be armed. But bear in mind that it all depends on the type of company you run. An armed security guard will only scare customers if your store sells expensive goods. A similar perception will apply to other companies like banks, hospitals, schools, or churches.

3) How Much Can You Spend?

Armed security officers are costlier to employ than unarmed ones. The armed guard must undergo much more learning and development because they carry a lethal weapon, which necessitates getting their rewards. They are probably in a more dangerous scenario than an unarmed guard, which justifies being paid more. In this situation, you would also require liability insurance to safeguard your company.

On the other hand, since they need less instruction and liability insurance, unarmed guards are less expensive to recruit. An unarmed security guard’s tasks and responsibilities are less demanding since they have less schooling.

Private security guard company TruGuard Security is located in California and has been at the forefront of the market since 2010. We provide specialized security services to protect people, property, and treasures throughout California. We take pleasure in supplying our customers with competent, top-notch armed and unarmed security guard personnel and highly qualified account managers supported by a top-notch Dispatch Center around the clock.

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